Desert Centre – Triumph Registar of America


Triumphest 2021

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As our By-Laws state: “…The purposes for which The Desert Centre Triumph Register of America, is formed are: To maintain and conduct a society, the general object of which shall be to cultivate relations among the owners and friends of the Triumph automobile mark, to advise and cooperate with the owners and friends in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the mark, to establish and maintain a journal for the purpose of disseminating useful information among the owners and friends as may be necessary or desirable in carrying out the full purpose of the Association, and, in general, to advance and promote interest in the mark…”

Items of Interest:

1. The Club meets the second Tuesday of each month with the exception of January (Election of Officers Brunch). Check for info on the current meeting location and time.

2. Club Members may use of the Club’s Listserv ( to email all the other members  for Technical Advice, Advice on local Mechanics and Shops or to announce upcoming Events.

3. Membership is $20.00 a year.  You can download the application, use our on-line Membership application or even use our eCommerce store.

4. Read about the History of DCTRA