Desert Centre – Triumph Registar of America


Membership is $20.00 per year and includes your immediate family.  Discounts for multiyear payments.

You can download the application, use our on-line Membership application (see below) or even use our eCommerce store.  These options allow you to either mail your payment, bring the payment to one of our meetings/events or make an on-line payment via PayPal.

In addition to the forum on the website DCTRA maintains a listserv for our members to ask questions and provide info and free flowing discussion of topics of interest to our members.
Only members are allowed to exchange messages on the listserv (non authorized email addresses are rejected by the system).  The email address to send to is:


You can obtain a copy of our DCTRA By-Laws (in PDF format)

Club History

Read about the History of DCTRA