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Stu Lasswell's TR3


When I acquired my TR3 I was actually the president of the San Diego MG Club! They did not kick me out, but I was also not re-elected. That was in Nov. ’94, so I guess I’ve had the car for over 12 years now. The MG is gone, and the TR3 is much nicer than it was when I got it. It had sat for over a dozen years in a garage in San Diego, sidelined by a broken pinion gear, and I had it up and running in pretty short order… until we realized that the engine needed a complete rebuild! We moved to Arizona in Jan. ’97 and immediately joined the DCTRA. The car was definitely a beater, but was relatively rust free and fairly reliable. When it became so worn out that even I didn’t feel safe in it (that’s seriously worn) we made a deal with Paul Mcafee to do the paint job and bodywork, and whatever incidental work it might need. 18 months and somewhat north of $20 grand later, we had the car back basically as you know it now. Fortunately, my daughter got a college scholarship, ’cause the car pretty much ate up all the savings account and then some.
Now, I think I can call it money well spent, as we have enjoyed over 20,000 miles of trouble-free Triumph motoring, with trips to Missouri, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and in-state trips too numerous to mention. My only problem is not having enough time to spend behind the wheel! Triumph’s forever!

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  • cocoboy says:

    Hi Stu, please give me some direction on finding tires for my TR3A 62 The last 12 years mostly drove my TR8 and have had the same tires on my TR3A for the last 15 years and now want to get new rubber! My side walls read 165/r15 with no middle number. Tried the tire rack on line even searching under volkswagon beetle tires and can find none? TIA for any help you can advise.

  • mark says:

    hello,i am looking for the little quater panels or the dog leg panels for a tr3,new or seconhand do you think you could help me.thanks mark

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